Rebate Availability For Gen 3 in CA


I did my research and wanted to get the newest Gen 3 Rachio but it is not on the list of models available for the rebates in So Cal Water Smart program as of June1, 2018. I wanted to know when it will qualify for the rebate program?


+1 in SoCal. We’re going to try to get the rebate anyway and I’ll post here when we get confirmations.

For @oldr4me, when you file for your rebate, make sure you have a complete order/receipt to send in. The initial order confirmations that we get from Rachio aren’t complete enough for a rebate (we didn’t think anyway). We contacted support and they (Ed) sent a more complete confirmation of the order that I’m sure will be good with the state.

Good luck.


Just checking in. We’ve had a few exchanges with the local folks on this and it looks like they’re good with the Gen 3 Rachio.

On behalf of the Orange County Residential SmarTimer Rebate Program, in order to process the above-referenced rebate request, an appointment to conduct an inspection of the controller, which was installed at the above residential location, needs to be scheduled. … Please, also, know the rebate request has a time limit, and the inspection needs to be completed within this time frame.

That’s from the Smart Landscape Evaluations Program, Mission Resource Conservation District -

For us, the deadline to get our installation inspected is August 20th. I’ve had delays and just completed installation of our irrigation plumbing. I will install the Rachio in the next couple days and then invite them for inspection.

While I don’t expect they’ll come here and then deny our rebate request, I will post a final note of our experience with this when it’s complete.