Rebate Availability For Gen 3 in CA

I did my research and wanted to get the newest Gen 3 Rachio but it is not on the list of models available for the rebates in So Cal Water Smart program as of June1, 2018. I wanted to know when it will qualify for the rebate program?


+1 in SoCal. We’re going to try to get the rebate anyway and I’ll post here when we get confirmations.

For @oldr4me, when you file for your rebate, make sure you have a complete order/receipt to send in. The initial order confirmations that we get from Rachio aren’t complete enough for a rebate (we didn’t think anyway). We contacted support and they (Ed) sent a more complete confirmation of the order that I’m sure will be good with the state.

Good luck.


Just checking in. We’ve had a few exchanges with the local folks on this and it looks like they’re good with the Gen 3 Rachio.

On behalf of the Orange County Residential SmarTimer Rebate Program, in order to process the above-referenced rebate request, an appointment to conduct an inspection of the controller, which was installed at the above residential location, needs to be scheduled. … Please, also, know the rebate request has a time limit, and the inspection needs to be completed within this time frame.

That’s from the Smart Landscape Evaluations Program, Mission Resource Conservation District -

For us, the deadline to get our installation inspected is August 20th. I’ve had delays and just completed installation of our irrigation plumbing. I will install the Rachio in the next couple days and then invite them for inspection.

While I don’t expect they’ll come here and then deny our rebate request, I will post a final note of our experience with this when it’s complete.



Some of the water districts are offering the rebates by themselves while others are dependent on the SoCalWaterWaterSmart program to kick in the incentives.

The City of Malibu is so adamant on the web/cloud based controllers that they are even paying the contractors to put them in.

Just remember, in order to maximize your rebate, you can only apply for one irrigation rebate on your property as long as you own it. Make sure you do the other items: ie pressure compensating heads, low flow nozzles, Rachio with flow control and master valve as well as drip where it is appropriate.

I live in So Cal and each area has their own rebate guidlines depending on the water district.

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Final note. The scheduling lady was Very accommodating. The inspector was quick and efficient, knew the Rachio Gen 3 well. We passed and a check was mailed with no action required on my part. It was a very pleasant experience.