Real-time Weather Upgrade free trial

Hi all. Like many of you, I got the email from Rachio about the new, optional Real-time Weather upgrade. It’s $50 one-time.
As it’s not possible to determine the value of this upgrade without experiencing it, I have decided not to buy it. However, if Rachio offered a free season trial, I would definitely try it, and then, after seeing the difference, might choose to purchase the upgrade.
I let Rachio know this feedback via email. I told them that in the long-term, they may get more sales of this upgrade after people have had a chance to try it first. And it’s not like this upgrade actually costs Rachio anything - it’s just a software setting.
If you also think a free trial is a good idea, please like and share this post, as Rachio says this will help boost my initial feedback to the marketing team.


How does that differ than my Rachio reading the Davis weather station in my back yard?

And will this option just show up in the app?

I haven’t received that email yet. I’d pay it though :man_shrugging:t2: I’m a lawn nut now…