Re-assign wiring to existing zones?

I had everything setup last year. We had some frost damage so my valves were all removed and reinstalled and they didn’t keep the same wiring order. So my “old” Zone 1 is now Zone 6, for example. I don’t see any obvious way to re-assign the existing zones to a different wire. It is actually quite a bit of work to redo them all in the app, and then I’d lose historical data. Is there a way?

Otherwise I’ll have to physically re-wire either at the valves or at the Rachio, which isn’t the end of the world but it should be able to be done in-app.

If it were me, I would rewire probably at the Rachio end as long as it is easier. I am maybe a little OCD to want zone 1 in the app go to the connector in Rachio that is labeled zone 1.