Raspberry Pi GPIO to Rachio S1 for Moisture Sensor

Hey Guys!

I have quick question for you. I’m working on a project with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Bluetooth Xiaomi Plant Sensor. The plant sensor successfully sends plant data to the Raspberry Pi. I have two options when it comes to interfacing with Rachio Gen 3:

  1. Use API’s to do rain skips on specific zones everytime the Raspberry Pi detects moisture from the Xiaomi sensor.


  1. Use the Raspberry Pi GPIO PIN 23 to add a 3.3V on S1 and wire SC (VAC -) on RPi ground GPIO PIN

My question would be does the Rachio require the NC switch to be closed again until its ready to continue with its normal schedule? (so have my program loop until it detects no moisture and closes the NC switch on the Rachio) I’m more inclined to go with option 2 if possible. I may need a relay depending on the voltage that is needed.