Randomize order of zones within schedule

I like that I can change the order of zones within a schedule. I have started doing that so each zone gets watered at a different time when I remember to do that. The low flow heads mean that it takes all night to water all zones. Instead of having one zone always water in the evening and another zone always in the morning, I would love it if the controller automatically rotated/randomized the order of the zones within the schedule.

Another option would be to set up 2 schedule s- 1 for the zones with low flow heads and 1 for all the other zones. And then specify the start time for each schedule or the days each schedule can run.

All of my lawn zones are low flow as they work better with the wind that we get. During the hottest part of the summer (now), I need to water daily. Any option so far has been somewhat of a pain and I am currently currently manually rotating through the starting zone each day.