Random Notification sound

The app sends an alert sound (ding) all through the day; 7am, 12 noon, etc… Except the sound dings, but there is no associated alert or message. The alert works properly with my scheduled watering times, but it’s randomly dinging throughout the day with no associated schedule and not even showing a message with the sound. And when I check the history there are no associated events with those “dings”.

reset the phone with teh power/home button combo, assuming this is ios.

@Squish2, I think you enabled the “everything’s okay alarm” :wink:

Just kidding!

I too think this is a phone error, as @plainsane mentioned. I’d recommend resetting the phone as well. Let us know if this corrects the issue.

Best, Emil

So I didn’t even need to reboot the iPhone. I had installed the Rachio app, but hadn’t setup any watering schedules. It was a rainy week so I didn’t need to start it up yet. This seemed to “bother” the app, and it was randomly dinging. Once schedules were set, no more random dings. Interesting programming quirk.

Thanks for the advice anyhow.

@Squish2, that is interesting…I haven’t heard of that issue reported before, but I’m going to attempt to recreate it now :smile:

I hope you’re enjoying your Iro otherwise, please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with.

Best, Emil