Ranchio Gen 2 Stuck With a Solid Light One

Had power go out earlier this week, when it was restored my Rachio Gen 2 was stuck with a solid light one. Tried to do a WiFi and controller reset to no avail. It just sits at light one without blinking. From what I can going through similar forum posts this means the controller is dead. Opened a ticket with support 3 days ago still no response. Is there anything else I can try?

Did you try unplugging the power supply at the controller and plugging it back in? If that doesn’t work I would check the output of the power supply using a multimeter.

Yes I tried power cycling it several times. Even left it unpluged overnight even to see if that would do anything, it didn’t. It has power just never advances past the first light and does not respond to attempts to reset it. Seems like the device is bricked.

@zazzle, do you have a rain sensor connected to the Rachio?

Nope, no rain sensor.

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@zazzle, just for grins and a lost of other good options, if it were me, I would try disconnecting all the field wires just in case something was feeding power back to the controller(pain in the ass I know depending on the number of stations but might be worth a try). Or at least the commons.

I tried to connect with Rachio but it’s still not showing in my mobile

This just happened to me too. The unit was one year old. It lasted one season. If this is truly dead, that’s absurd.

My two year old rachio Gen 2 is bricked also. Tech support doesn’t reply to me. I am out of warranty and out of luck. I hate Rachio.

I’m having the same issue. I did test the power supply output with a multimeter, and I get zero volts. It seems that the AC adapter is toast. But how does the first LED indicator light up of the adapter is putter out zero volts?

I ordered a new AC adapter. We’ll see if that fixes it. I’ll check back in a few days to report if that works.

Crap. I just realized the power supply is 24 VAC. I was checking DC voltage with my tester. The power supply is fine, so now I’ll have to wait from Rachio support to respond.

I had the same problem,
I have my Gen 2 for 5 months no issue. Then while I’m traveling it went offline. I came home and it is still offline. Stay at first light, continues light.
Before this happened, either I had an outage or wifi was off ( I know this because my security CAMs when off as well but after 2 hrs all security cams worked fine) since then the Gen 2 was not working. Please your help.