Ran or not?

I have had a flex watering schedule disabled for about a week while my house was being painted. Today I re-enabled the schedule after its normal start time expecting that the zone (#1 Rose Garden) would water tomorrow.

So, the zone display says it will water November 6 (in two days.) That was a surprise, so I looked at the moisture levels. They claim that the zone watered today. But it did not. The watering history does not show any watering today, It should not have watered today since it was still disabled at the schedule start time, and the ground is still dry.

Maybe tomorrow things will straighten themselves out. If not I will manually run the schedule.

This situation is certainly confusing.

@sbillard, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let’s see what happens overnight after the flex schedule as a chance to re-sync with the weather from today.

Do you recall if the moisture graph showed a flex watering event for today?

Best, Emil

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The garden watered today as it should have, so once things got in sync everything was fine.

The moisture graph yesterday showed a non-existent watering for the day. That watering event is no longer shown today. So just an anomaly of when the schedule was re-enabled.

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@sbillard, thanks for confirming. We’ll try to recreate this scenario in house. If I may ask, what was the start time of the watering schedule and what time did you reenable the watering schedule?

Start time was scheduled for 7 am Pacific time. Re-enable was probably 9-10 am. The situation stayed at least until evening, I checked a few times but did not pay attention to the times.

Thanks for clarifying. Will give this a test tomorrow.