Rainmachine versus Rachio 3

I have been a RainMachine HD 12 zone touchscreen user for 6 years. Since that time, RM customer service and general support have eroded a bit. Last week their algorithms used to predict water usage (in a similar manner to Rachio) just started to stop working. I would have weeks where we would get rain that was 6-7 times past my weekly usage, yet it still programmed it at 150 percent watering. After resetting the device and my weather integrations, I went to contact support. No answer which wasn’t a huge surprise tbh. I threw my RM in the trash and bought a Rachio 3. Easy setup. Just had two zones that had a wiring short. I love the integrations that go way beyond what RM is doing. So for those RM refugees out there or those that picked Rachio over RM from the get go, any regrets? I am going to miss the touchscreen capability, but with both web access and phone access I will get over it. I can’t say I used the touchscreen a whole lot anyway.

I have touchscreen capability . . . on my phone. :wink:
I chose the Rachio over all other options available. I definitely have no regrets and it has been working great especially once I understood how to properly set it up. It has been hard to get used to and trust the algorithms, but forced myself and got through it. In this community, it does seem to get a disproportional number of people complaining or having issues than everyone else. Just thought I would warn you.

Four years with RainMachine here. I knew trouble was brewing the minute they started charging for remote access which was the very reason I purchased the RM for our home in the desert. Once I knew I could no longer count on RM to serve its customers, I threw the RM in the trash and installed the Rachio. So far so good. The major downside of the Rachio is that setup is geared to lawns rather than drip so it was much more challenging to make it work on my drip system. Apparently the lack of simple setup for drip systems has been a long time issue. The remote valve monitoring is a real plus.

Earl, great comments thank you. Same here with the “premiere” access which was just the same access you had but they were now charging you for what Rachio was giving you. Interesting with the drip as I have the same issue. I have 8 grass zones and one huge drip zone which consists of well over 20 plants, bushes, and trees. It’s just the way it was done before I bought the house. I am not going to rewire and add other zones. I put my drip zone in flex daily, but that may not be the best idea. Please let me know what you did. I may just set up a second schedule with the drip with fixed watering times. Unsure of another way to do it. Still learning,

I setup my Rachio last October and no longer recall the details of my settings. I believe I used fixed with seasonal adjustment. I had to play with settings to get the gallonage down to where I was with the RM. I received regular reports of skips and adjustments as the weather cooled and then warmed so I know it was performing as expected. That house is now under contract with WiFi off so I can’t check the controller settings. I do know it is continuing to water the trees and bushes.