Rainingn since yesterday night

It has been raining since yesterday night here but my schedule still ran. Weather forecasting is still not accurate?

@Ranjeetv‌ I looked at your rain delay and we did skip your schedule from a couple days ago which is great water savings :slight_smile: In doing research, I did find a defect in our weather intelligence.

Any schedules that run at midnight we were incorrectly determining if we need to apply weather intelligence. I do believe in this case your schedule would have been skipped, but we did not apply the intelligence to determine that.

This is now fixed and pushed to our production environment. Sorry about that. Appreciate the feedback and let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the quick read response. I will move the schedule up by an hour on my side to be safe

@Ranjeetv‌ You shouldn’t have to if you really wanted the schedule to run at midnight, we have tested and fixed this change :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any more feedback or questions! Have a great weekend.

So I moved my schedule to 2 am and it finished watering at 4.45 am. It is now 5.25 am and raining a little bit. Are we sure this issue is fixed?

@Ranjeetv‌ Our rain delay process did run against your schedule but according to the closest weather station the predicted amount of rain was only 0.007 inches which was not enough to trigger a schedule skip. It looks like on the 10th we did skip due to a prediction of .49 inches. Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Thanks! You can always look in your event history and it will show why we did or did not skip a schedule.