Rained heavily yesterday yet

So, yesterday my rachio predicted (correctly) that we would have over 2 inches of rain. And that this would 100%+ saturate my yard (which it did). Accordingly, it moved out the next watering date to 6 days hence (good idea).

Imagine my surprise when I hear the sprinklers go off this morning as if nothing had happened. Checked the moisture guesstimate in the app all zones were reading nearly bone dry.

What happened here? I had to manually cancel the watering - no point in watering ground that was already saturated. It’s like it had a change of heart AFTER the torrential downpour (which was wide area - not a microclimate issue at all).

Hi @Txgdnr-

What weather station are you using? I would like to ensure that it reported your precipitation correctly!

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi @mckynzee

KADS! No way they dodged that weather front. :slight_smile:

:joy: Let me look into it, I’ll get back to you!

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@Txgdnr, while @mckynzee is doing that, can you post a screen shot of your advanced settings?

@Txgdnr So I pulled up KADS, and I think we may have spoken too soon…

Looking at KADS here and here, it looks like it reported no precipitation. Can we switch your station to maybe another NWS, or maybe even a personal weather station?

McKynzee :rachio:



Aha - I’ve swapped to a local ws that did capture some activity. Will see how we go there… thanks.