Rainbird WR2 Wireless Rain/ Freeze Sensor


Wednesday morning at about 4am I receive a Rachio Rainsensor activated alert. At about 6:am I received a Rain sensor deactivated alert. There is one problem, it did not Rain. What happened was the freeze sensor caused the deactivation. With the next update, can you have program logic to Rachio check the temperature when it receives the Rain sensor alert? If the temperature is at or below freezing, have the notification send the alert as freeze sensor. If it is above freezing, have it say Rainsensor activated. I realize that Rachio doesn’t have a built in temperature sensor but you can use the weather report or Nest to make the call weather to send a freeze sensor notification or Rain sensor notification. To do so, you will need an option under settings to allow the user to input whether they have a Rain or combination sensor. If combination, then the software would know to run the logic to determine what type of alert to send. This would be a great and welcome addition for the smartest irrigation controller on the planet.


Hey @garyjnj1! Thanks for the recommendation. I will make sure to relay to the team. I am also going to switch this over to “product suggestions” rather than support!

McKynzee :rachio:


Ah ok. Wasn"t sure if it was already in the app or not. Since its not, it definitely is a needed feature.