Rainbird WR2 rain sensor and new app update problems

Morning all.
Running Androids latest version of the app which has added the Rain Sensor trigger alert to the main screen. Only problem is since the update the app has been showing my rain sensor as triggered. It has been wet here lately so I figured it was accurate. I stepped out yesterday after 2 days of straight sun with afternoon storms.
My wr2 controller shows that the sensor is dry and the WR2 controller is not restricting watering.

I tried shutting off and turning back on the rain sensor feature. When shut off as expected the app does not indicate the sensor is activated. As soon as I turn the feature back on the main screen indicates watering schedules are restricted again and sensor is active. Confirmed again the WR2 controller reported the disk is dry and the controller is not restricting watering.
Any ideas?

Any update support people?

Well I ended up switching sensor 1 and sensor 2 and it works fine. It seems my sensor 1 terminal maybe friend? Not sure what the deal is

Can you post a photo of how you have it wired to the controller? It may be wired incorrectly.

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Support ended up replacing the controller. Have yet to install the new one haven’t had a day off in a little bit. As of now S2 is still doing what it should on the old controller and S1 is shut off.

The WR2 has 4 wires coming from it. Did you put those 4 wires into 3 holes? Or did you put the 4 wires into 4 holes?

3 were used in both scenarios. Originally S1 had green, SC had white and black together, and SP had red. Currently it is the same except S2 being used instead of S1

ok I am pretty sure that is correct. Gen3 (what I have) is worded differently but pretty sure you are correct!

Thanks for checking on it for me

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