Rainbird WR2 & Manual Run

I have a Rachio Gen 3, and a Rainbird WR2 rain sensor. The sensor is installed according to Rachio’s instructions: https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010541788-Rachio-compatibility-with-RAIN-BIRD-WR2-Wireless-Rain-Sensor

White - 24 VAC- (Paired with Black below)
Black - 24 VAC- (Paired with White above)
Red - 24VAC+
Green - S1

The rain/freeze sensor is triggered due to low temp and I’m scheduled to have my system winterized tomorrow. My question is will the fact the WR2 is triggered right now for low temp prevent any manual runs from occurring as well? If so, is this because the White wire is wired to the 24 VAC- instead of the Sensor C port? If so, meaning as long as the sensor is triggered it can’t complete a circuit and thus prevents all manual runs, why is it suggested to wire it in this way instead of wiring the White wire from the WR2 to the Sensor C port on the Gen 3?

In order to manually run zones to winterize my system, do I need to either disconnect my WR2 or else push the button on the WR2 control box to override and allow the system to run anyway even though the sensor is triggered?

My Rain sensor is triggered right now, and I am able to manually run a zone. Should be fine to winterize. If you did have issues, Simply go to Settings>Accessories> and turn off the 2 sensors.

I tried this am and it did run successfully even though the rain/freeze sensor was triggered due to low temp. So it would appear manual run isn’t prevented from running with the WR2 wired as specified in the Gen 3 online resources.