Rainbird valve leaking

I have two valves that are having issues, and two that are not. They are all Rain Bird - 100ASVF - 1’’ Plastic Residential Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve w/ Flow Control - Female Pipe Thread.

I have to shut off the water to the pipes to the valve or they continuously drip water. Sometimes they will leak water from the side that doesn’t have the node. Ive cleaned them out, tested them to make sure there isn’t a current going to them, and even tried to shut them off by using the flow screw on the node side, but the only thing that works is cutting off the water entirely.

Both of these are the newest of the 4 valves I have, and are about a year old.

Is there anything else I should be checking? At this point I just want a system that works. Any recommendations for valves if these have to go?

They are leaking at the valve themselves, or water is leaking past the valve and coming out in the yard?

If it is leaking at the valve, this could be normal since you have anti-siphon valves. If they are lower than the zone they are running, the water in the line will flow back to the valve and out the anti-siphon portion of the valve. This is the way they are designed to work.

They both sometimes leak from the valve when on (it’s not consistent), and it’s usually a steady stream of water.
On top of that, if I keep the water line flowing, but the valve should be shut, one continuously has a low flow across the entire system, and the other has a low flow for a few emitters.

For the first one, the valve is below where the rest of the line sits. And For the second one, the valve was installed higher than the drip system, so that could possibly the issue?