Rainbird to Rachio Wiring

I’ve got a yellow ground wire and two sets of VAC (Red and Orange) wires on my old Rainbird controller.

Where does the yellow ground wire go on the Rachio 3? Also, do I just use one set of VAC wires on the Rachio, and which wire goes into the - and which one goes into the +?

I think everything else is straightforward.


@tnsman -

Rachio’s power adapter provides power to the unit. The VAC +/- ports on the Rachio are for output to devices like a rain sensor.

The ground connector can be ignored.

Trace the red and orange wires back to where they come from. My guess is the red wires are from the transformer and they can be ignored. I don’t know if the orange wires are to a rain sensor or not. What those wires go to will determine where they will be connected on the Rachio - if at all.

Thanks! I will trace the red and orange wires back. I appreciate your help.