Rainbird to Rachio IRO (Wiring Help)


Good day All,
I am trying to wire up my IRO in the place of my Rainbird. I see more wires for the rainbird than the Rachio requires. Could someone provide me with assistance?




Drew. Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for any confusion with your wiring. So your main wires are the white common wire and the 4 zone wires below that. With our controller simply connect the white common to the C slot and then the corresponding zones 1-4 on our controller as well.

The upper left section are your 24VAC and Ground slots. You will not need to put these wires into our controller since you will be using the 24V Power Adapter that we provided to power the Rachio. The Red and Black wires are for a rain sensor, which I assume you have. If you want to connect those to the Rachio controller you can, but a rain sensor is not necessary with our intelligence. That being said if you want to connect your rain sensor you can. I am not positive which Rachio controller you have, our Gen 1 or Gen 2, so I’ll explain how to connect to both.

Gen 1 is pretty simple, just connect the Red and Black wires into the yellow R1 and R2 slots. It doesn’t matter which color goes where. If you have a Gen 2 controller you will put the Red and Black wires into the S1 and SC slots which are positioned in the middle between the zone wires. This article shows how to do that. Again the rain sensor is not necessary so if you don’t want to connect them that is fine.

That should do the trick. Let me know if you have any other questions Drew.

Thanks again,


I feel pretty stupid now. I just got done hooking it up and came back to answer the forum with how it gets hooked up and I saw your response. This by far was the easiest device to install ever. I had it installed in 15 minutes and that includes the time to connect it to WIFI. Thank you for the instant reply. Companies rarely give this kind of customer service. I read rave reviews about your company plus being made in America (Me being a soldier thats important) and I went with your device over the rain machine. Have a great day.


No worries Drew. Happy to hear that the install went so smoothly. Those old controllers are not easy to deal with so I can understand the initial confusion.

Thank you for your service to our country!

If you ever need anything from us don’t hesitate to ask. Have a good rest of your Sunday.



you’ve got a rain sensor in there too… don’t forget that one!


And not for nothing… sell the old controller. I’d never have believed it before a buddy of mine sold his for $90!!.. but there’s a market out there for the dumb timers.