Rainbird to Rachio 3 wiring

I purchased a Rachio 3 And I’m trying to figure out the wiring. I’m attaching pictures of the old wiring, and my new. I lined all 15 zones the way they were lined up with my Rainbird. I don’t think I have any other wires that I missing. But when I go to test my zones they don’t turn on. Any thoughts?

In the C port of your Rainbird, that yellow wire needs to go into a C port of your Rachio. That’s the Common wire. If I’m wrong, thanks for posting these photos, as someone here will know what’s up. You absolutely must have a common © wire attached to the Rachio as you did the Rainbird.

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Actually I think the green wires should be on the ‘C’. If you look at the rainbird photo, each 8 zone module has a ninth black terminal. I’m guessing that is common. OP has a green wire in each of them. Maybe the other group of wires (two yellow, white, blue) is for rain sensors or something? Looks to me like there are only 13 zones.


That could be! What a convoluted wiring setup, that Rainbird.

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Thank you all. Right after I posted I figured it out. Yes the top module is black while the rest are green. I just hadn’t noticed. Each of those should be in the “c”…works great now. It is actually awesome and such an upgrade in user friendliness compared to that clunky rain bird!!!