Rainbird published precip rates

Hi all - new Gen3 user here. I just replaced the bulk of the heads on my system with a combination of pressure regulated sprays and regular rotors, all Rainbird stuff and will finish the replacement project in the next week or so.
When I look at the rates published on RB’s site for the 1800 PRS 30 with the HE-VAN nozzles, I’m seeing a rate of 5.4 in/h…is that what I should plug in to the advanced settings for the zone? That seems like an awful lot of water for a spray head.
Conversely - I have the 5000 series rotors with a combination of 1.5, 2 and 2.5 nozzles (depending on 90/180/360* arc). Most are the 180’s at 2 GPM…so when I look that up, it shows .4 in/hr at ~65 PSI, which I think I’m probably fairly close to. That seems kind of on the low side, IMO. Was expecting somewhere north of 1 in/h.

I have pretty uniform and head to head coverage across all the zones, so until I get around to doing a catch can test, are those numbers about right-ish? I ran across one commenter in another thread talking about needing to add precip rates for overlaps - so if all my rotor zones are overlapping head to head coverage, maybe I am closer to that 1 in/h than I am to the .4 published rate?

Thanks for any advice!

I personally hate HE-VAN’s since I feel the uniformity of the spray is crap. They are convenient as heck, but on the edges, specifically the adjustable edge, they throw a TON of water. I know you are just about done with the project, so I say work with what you have! Where are you finding 5.4"/hr? Not sure which color head you have, but I see the spec sheet showing .93" - 1.76" at 30psi.

As for the 5000 series nozzles, they are pretty efficient. Spec sheet shows precipitation rates between .47" - .77".

Until you can do a catch cup test (best method) or a meter read test, these figures should get you pretty darn close.

Thanks - you know, I was digging through so much information yesterday, it’s entirely possible I confused myself with 400 open browser tabs. ha! Thanks for the validation…I plan on doing the tuna can test as a fine tuning mechanism, but I’ll go with these rates for the 1800. The other link was for the MPR, I have the regular big rotor (RB 5004 rotor with 1.5, 2 and 2.5 nozzles) - but I found the nozzle chart for those.

Thank you for the sanity check! :slight_smile:

Are you using 2 GPM nozzles for 180’s, 1.5 for 90 and 2.5 for 360?

When our system was installed all heads had the 2.0 nozzle. In some areas, specifically the 90’s I swapped out to something smaller because I saw a lot of pooling of water. I was also able to fix the pooling of water by setting cycle and soak; my back yard just takes a bit longer for the water to go down since it’s very compacted.