Rainbird esp twelve-LX

I am trying to replace this with 12-zone version from Costco. Running into issues where all zones not working when complete. I have the before and after included. New to this and appreciate help

Looks like your original setup used green for one of your commons, but now both white. Do you have a multimeter to check resistance (ohms) between each zone wire and its corresponding common?

I do not but can pick up one from a hardware store to check.

I did not follow unplug 1 and replug into rachio so likely messed it up.

Appreciate any guidance

@Samsosa - it looks like one of the C(ommon) white wires and the zone 2 green wire in the Rachio are switched when compared to the Rainbird. I think this is what @irrig8r is saying.

Without a multimeter, swap the current Rachio zone 2 wire (green) with the right C(ommon) white wire - this is a very big SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess). Then run each zone to see if they all work. One check is that there are two wire bundles, one wire from each wire bundle will need to be in a C(ommon) terminal. So pick the white wire and green wire that go to different bundles. As there is another green wire on Zone 10, so it may require swapping that one instead of the one in Zone 2.

I think you are very close. My guess is the that all the zones in one wire bundle are not working and all of the zones in the other wire bundle are working.

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Thanks All. It worked based on feedback.

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@DLane - appreciate you

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