Rainbird ESP-8SI to Rachio 3 Wiring

I purchased the Rachio 3 and trying to find a good image of the wiring from the ESP-8si to Rachio 3? Thanks.

A picture of what you have is helpful. Here is a manual for that model: Rain Bird ESP-Si User Manual
However, I do not see the exact layout of wires for that model, a 6 instead of an 8 is on page 12. I would guess an 8 might be as follows, left to right, and how they connect to the Rachio.

  1. 24VAC — do not connect to Rachio, use Rachio supplied power adapter
  2. 24VAC — see 1
  3. COM — Rachio has more than 1 ‘C’ connector. If you have more than one wire, it does not matter if they are connected together or all separated (although, I personally would connect separately)
  4. MV — Master Valve/Pump. If you have one, connect to ‘M’ and it needs to be configured in your app
  5. zone 8 — 8
  6. zone 7 — 7
  7. zone 6 — 6
  8. zone 5 — 5
  9. zone 4 — 4
  10. zone 3 — 3
  11. zone 2 — 2
  12. zone 1 — 1

I have a question about replacing my Rainbird ESP-8SI to a Rachio 3, my current system is a 8 zone and the Rachio is a 8 zone. I want to make sure that this will be a smooth replacement.
Would anyone mind looking at the pictures and seeing if everything looks good for the transition?

Others have changed their Rainbird ESP-8Si over to Rachio 3 without issues (Rainbird ESP-8SI to Rachio 3 Wiring - Troubleshooting - Rachio Community). You would use Rachio’s power supply instead of the Rainbird and the rest of the wires are simple. I would suggest making sure everything is working if at all possible before disconnecting, take pictures and/or label wires, and bring them over. COM → C, MV (if any) → M (if have, need to enable in app), 1-8 → 1-8.


Thank you @Thomas_Lerman! I thought it looked straight forward but measure twice cut once and ask for anothers view always helps :slight_smile:
Appreciate your help!

No problem, we are glad to help. I agree on the measure twice, cut once.