Rainbird ESP-8Si to Rachio 3 - double wiring

I’m trying to install the Rachio 3 controller to replace my existing 8 zones Rainbird ESP-8Si. However, all zones seems to have 2 wires connected per zones. Would this work with Rachio 3, Can I mirror the cabling at installation ?

How many zones do you have on your Rainbird and Rachio? Do you have a master valve or pump (it looks like probably not)?

  • 8 zones on Rainbird and 8 zones on Rachio 3
  • not sure but most likely not :wink:

The only concern might be about the power draw, but I believe you will be fine as long as you do not have a master valve or pump. I personally would have tried to get a 16-zone station, but that is okay. I did not need it at the time (probably 8 would have been fine at the time), but got 16 zone and am glad I did as I have filled it.

Thanks Thomas for your input. I did ultimately return the 8 zones to get the 16, and so i don’t have the need to double each zones.

Sounds great, I think it will give you more wiggle room.