Rainbird-ESP 4-Si to Rachio 2nd Gen 8-Zone

I replaced my Rainbird-ESP 4-Si with a Rachio 2nd Gen 8-Zone Controller.
Photos of the before and after wiring is attached.
I have
The scheduled never kicks in.

Even the Quick run doesn’t start.

I have to powe cycle the Rachio controller and then I can start the Quickrun from app or from the controller. All stations work on zone1.

Power cycling the controller each time is very inconvenient. The old controller rainbird was dumb but worked automatically on a schedule.

Please help

It looks like the schedule ran this morning?


Yeah… The app and the dashboard shows that it ran and if I go to the basement I can hear a low humming sound. But the sprinklers are not running during the schedule.
If I unplug the Rachio, give it 30 secs and start the Quick Run, then real pump sound is heard and the sprinklers start running.

Hmmm…could be a wiring or solenoid issue? Hopefully someone in the forum has an idea, my expertise is not in those areas.


@merqurious77 - many older sprinkler systems had a rain sensor that was wired into the common wire. Is there a rain sensor somewhere on the system/property that could be messing with it?

The “real pump sound” is that referencing water flowing through the pipes or is there a pump that supplies water to the irrigation system?

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