RainBird CPRSDBEX rain sensor compatibility

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Can you please tell me if Rainbird CPRSDBEX rain sensor is compatible with the Rachio2. I have one and I am trying to install on a Rachio2 and cannot seem to get it to work. I test it and I never see any notifications. This is with it wired directly into the Rachio with no wires spliced in between.



@Flippy, can you please confirm if this is the rain sensor you’re attempting to connect?

If so, it’s compatible. Please see this support article; review Basic Wired Rain Sensor and Rain Sensor Setup.

If you continue having issues, please share a photo of your wiring here for review.

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Yes, that is the exact rain sensor I bought from Amazon. From what I read if I push the spindle down in the rain sensor I should get an alert in device updates. Is that true? I even put water in the rain sensor and still did not see any notification. I just added the Rachio2 from a previous RainBird controller and had to replace a bad rain sensor that went out a year ago. I had to splice into the old wire that was in between the old sensor and the controller. To take the wire out of the equation I hooked the new rain sensor directly up to the controller and see no notification when the spindle is pushed down. Thanks for your help. .

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@Flippy, thanks for confirming. Just a heads up, a rain sensor is not required on a Rachio – you get a virtual rain sensor if you enable the Rain Skip feature.

Do you have the rain sensor enabled in the Rachio app?

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Yes, I had it enable and I know it is not required but since I live in S.E. Texas and we can have a heavy thunderstorm here and not at the closest real weather station (6 miles away) it would be just a bit of a back up to not let it water. I will try again tomorrow. Is there anyway to test this with a volt omh meter?

@Flippy, yep, there is. Give this 3rd party webpage a quick read. I’ll see if I can find any good YouTube videos on the subject as well.

Feel free to post a photo of your wiring as well, or send a photo to support@rachio.com if you’d like a second opinion.

Thanks, Emil

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@Flippy, not seeing any good videos, but this is a good multimeter resource from Rainbird.

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