Rainbird 1260i wiring

I’m installing the rachio 3 in place of our old rainbird 1260i. I have all the zone
wires marked and that makes sense. What do I do with the common wire? Also what do I do with the xfmr wires that hooked to the power transformer on the rainbird? One is red/white and the other is brown/white. Do I need them to get power to the rachio? Thank you!

The common wire(s) go to the ‘C’ terminals on the Rachio. Is that what you are asking? Concerning the power transformer, you should not plug this into the Rachio. Is this all inside and have access to a nearby outlet. I would suggest using the Rachio power adapter that it came with which has the barrel connector that plug into the Rachio.

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Thanks! I got it figured out and all is working well.

Great job

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