Rainbird 1260bi to Rachio 3 one main wire

Converting from 1260 to Rachio 3 but prior posts to match my wiring. Rainbird controller has 12 zones and one additional (white) wire that was wired to one of the incoming AC power wires. This wire went into the RB controller and connected to zone and schedule components. For the Rachio 3 I have 12 zone wires and one extra white wire. I think the white wire goes to a valve at the main water source, I guess a master valve. But I do not have another valve wire to complete the connection. That connection was made on the RB controller by joining with the power line. How can I make that connection on the Rachio 3??
I have tried the white wire in every C port and the M port as well as for grins the S1, S2, and 24V ports. No zone will turn on sprinkler. The Rachio indicates each zone is running when selected but the sprinkler does not turn on. Any help will be appreciated.

@PKD - Was the old Rainbird 1260bi system run right before the conversion to Rachio to make sure everything was working? Make sure the water is on to the system.

There should be a wiring diagram on the Rainbird that will list what each wire color is for on the connector out to the field wire in the third picture.

Do you have access to a volt/ohm meter?

I found a manual for that Rain Bird at: https://ww3.rainbird.com/documents/turf/man_RC.pdf

Page 3, figure 3 shows the output lead colors. Of course, you will hook up the Rachio power supply. Then the wire that was going to β€œValve Common (White)” should go to β€œC”. The individual wires that were going to β€œStation 1” should go to β€œ1”, etc. Unless you have a sensor, main valve, or other things (should not be needed right now anyway), you should not hook anything up to β€œM”, β€œS1”, β€œS2”, or the 24V port. This is all presuming that the Rain Bird (and of course the valve) use 24 VAC.

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Thanks flame and Thomas. Both of you are correct and I have done what both of you recommend. I also reviewed an old Rainbird diagram. I just manually opened the valve that I am confident the white wire connects to. When I manually open this valve and then run the Rachio 3, every zone works properly. Thus I am now sure the C ports on the Rachio are not making the connection for some reason. I could leave the valve on but do not want the system under pressure and the manual method leaks a lot of water. Any other suggestions? Has anyone heard of any Rachio controllers being defective??

Flame was auto correct. That should be DLane.


I just realized that you do have a master valve, not sure how I missed that. Now that I re-read this, I have some questions. The one additional (white) wire that was connected to the incoming AC . . . 24 VAC? You believe that wire is going to a master valve? If that master valve is 24 VAC, it should be connected to β€œM” and of course also have a β€œC” which might be connected with the other common connections.

Could a Rachio be defective? Like any other device, yes. Is it, not sure yet.

Yes to I think I have master valve and yes to 24 vac, at least very confident. The other common or master wire must be connected to some other valve in the system. So I do not have the master or other common to connect to the Rachio controller. Not sure what else to try. Considering trying to jump from one common port on the Rachio to the master common and see if that will force Rachio to complete the master valve circuit.

@pkd - Connect that white wire that goes to the valve that was opened to the M valve. An ohm meter can determine that there is a circuit back through the common wire. Put the wire(s) listed as Common from Rainbird into the C port.

Also, enable the Master Valve option in the Rachio app.