I just set up my unit a week ago and I am very pleased. However I have a question about rain. It started raining this morning an then a couple of hours later I checked all of my zones. It tells me that my zones went from about 30% moisture to 150% moisture. This morning it was on and off light drizzle. From the weather station that I have associated with my account, it tells me that it rained .26 inches up until I checked my zones.

Does .26 inches of rain equate to 120% moisture levels? All 6 of my zones are at 150% now. I’m just trying to understand how this is all calculated.

@pmolan, great question. The moisture level percentage is dependent on the soil type, root zone depth, and allowed depletion settings selected for each zone. The percentage above 100% is based on a saturation allowance that is dependent on the soil type.

If you email our support team, we’d be happy to review your account settings for any irregularities.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Best, Emil

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