Rain skip when there's no rain

Lately it’s been in the 90s and 100s where I live in Northern California, and this morning for the second time recently my Rachio had a rain skip. I do not use a rain sensor, just the nearest station: KAUN, which AFACT reported no rain.

Two questions:

  • Any idea why these rain skips have been happening and how I can avoid them?
  • How can I manually force my schedule (with all of the appropriate timings for each zone) to run when I see there’s a rain skip that shouldn’t have happened?

Edit: It looks like this station did record 3 inches of rain which is an obvious error:


The problem is that there aren’t many stations in the Sacramento area that record rainfall so I’m very limited.


All you need is one. How far away is the closest non-PWS station?

Closest is ~18 miles, but it’s slightly up above the snowline (I am not). I’m not sure how that would effect precipitation reporting in the winter.

Yeah, I could see the dilemma in that case. I’m guessing that you might be better off using a local station but then buying and using a rain sensor. As I don’t have a rain sensor myself I can’t say for sure that would be the way to go. Hopefully others can chime in that have more experience.

Hey @rachiuser -

Are there any close PWS’s? If you want to post them here, I can check out their consistency. Many personal weather stations are pretty reliable data sources.

Is this a common issue you have with KAUN? There is a chance it was a one time mistake and it doesn’t happen again!


I’m getting the opposite problem of not getting rain skips when the threshold has been exceeded. I’m linked to my own personal weather station MID_E7812. You can see in the Schedule Updates there was no skip on July 26th.

Here is the weather history for my station on that day on Weather Underground. I received over 3/4 in of rain.

Any ideas?


Hi McKynzee,

KAUN seemed fine until this summer when it reported rain twice in the middle of a heat wave. A few of the PWS’s near me include: