Rain Skip when it doesn't rain

I truly enjoy have the Rain Skip functionality of the Rachio sprinkler controller. But I do have one suggestion.

What if the schedule is skipped but it doesn’t rain?

My proposed solution is if the homeowner has a rain sensor and determines that there wasn’t any rain within 24 hours post rain skip, that it would run the schedule that was skipped. This way the lawn/flower bed gets watered.

This would require that some sort of rain sensor be connected to the Rachio but at least it would be a feature ability.

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I like this idea to help with the unpredictability of weather! Thanks for the suggestion @affability, I will record it for the team!

just out of curiosity, what happens next?

Have you looked into Flex Daily? It basically does this.

Thanks Linn, I’ll look into that more…I think the reason why I didn’t choose that scheduling type is that I live in Texas and we are in water restrictions typically at the start of every summer and can only water twice a week…the Flex Daily isn’t recommended if I can not water more than 3-4 times a week. but I’ll look into it…Thanks!

Bummer – with those watering restrictions, Flex Daily might not work for you.

I would agree, Flex Daily might not be the best with those restrictions :frowning2:

As for this:[quote=“affability, post:3, topic:8918, full:true”]
just out of curiosity, what happens next?

This is actually a great question, and made me think about doing a post about what exactly “recording it for the team” means. Every single post (not just topic) on the community is logged by me. I categorize all of these posts, and produce monthly reports along with a sort of running total for all posts in 2016 and 2017. This data is used as a sort of guiding light for product research and development. So while things might not be addressed right away, I can confidently say that no piece of feedback is being “left behind”.

I really like this idea and was about to post it myself as a product improvement suggestion (with one additional comment). Personally I would expand the proposed solution to bypass a homeowner rain sensor (since mine stopped working which was the catalyst for me buying a Rachio in the first place) and instead use the weather station recorded rain (or use both a rain sensor and weather station). So if the weather station’s forecast led to a skipped program, and then 24 hours later, the Rachio did a look-back to see if that rain station actually recorded any rain. If the rain station did not record actual rain, then the Rachio should run the skipped programs and then adjust the future schedule timing going forward.

Using forecasted weather is one of the core features of the product and not having a rain look-back ability is a key deficiency that probably isn’t that difficult for the software engineers to address.

Hey @slevine10-

Have you ever looked into Flex scheduling? Sounds like you may be a better fit for that schedule type. Regardless, I understand that we could make our Weather Skips a bit more robust in their logic! I will get your feedback to the team.

McKynzee :rachio: