Rain skip versus freeze skip

So this morning I was notified of a freeze skip. I have it set to 44 degrees, and it’s still pretty cold here. But there was also more than enough rain, past and future, to trigger a rain skip too. Will one take priority over the other, or should I have been notified of both?

I’m sure this only gets more complicated once I wire in the rain sensor!

In my mind, the rain sensor actually uncomplicates things. If it is activated, the Rachio will not water. If it is deactivated, the Rachio goes back to looking at when it should water.

Lucas here, with Rachio Support.
@obmd1 – Great question! I’d have to check with the developers with regard to one or the other check taking priority. I’m sure it’s defined somewhere at the code level, and would be happy to confirm. However…

In your case, it sounds like the freeze skip took priority. I’m not certain whether a rain check was still performed, but logically it would make sense not to. (In programming terms, we would call this a short circuit evaluation, wherein the first actionable Y/N condition results in ending any further evaluation.)

I agree with @Linn as well, in terms of a rain sensor simplifying things. However, we feel that predicting weather is often superior to simply measuring it. (In the latter case, the water may be cut only after it is too late.)

Of course, doing both is preferred. :wink:

Hope this helps. Happy watering!
~Lucas :rachio:

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