Rain skip turns off schedule

I have rain skip turned off yet when rain is forecasted my scheduled watering is turned off ? Even tho Rachio’s wx forcast says 80% chance of rain we never get rain in our valley, it always goes around us. This is why my scheduled watering must run and not be turned off by rain skip. !!!

@Izzak What are you using for your weather source - weather network or a specific weather station? And what kind of schedule are you using? I ask because I suspect you are using a flex daily schedule. If you are it isn’t the rain skip that is turning off your schedule. Rather, the weather source is reporting precipitation so Rachio thinks your soil has enough water and does not need irrigation. If you can’t find a more accurate weather source you could switch to a flex monthly schedule.

Weather schedule that is incorporated in the Reicho app , Fixed schedule

If you provide screen prints showing that rain skip is turned off and a screen print showing your fixed schedule someone here may be able to offer suggestions. Also is saturation skip turned on or off? If you have saturation skip turned on Rachio may think the ground has enough water and so skips irrigation. And can you post a screen print from your history showing why the schedule was skipped?