Rain Skip not working - Gen 2

I have a Rachio gen 2. The rain skip does not appear to be working correctly and I’m not sure how to fix it. On the day before my fixed schedule, if rain was expected, I get a notification around 2 pm indicating that a skip will occur. Then, when the sprinklers are scheduled to run in the early AM, it notifies that the rain skip will not be used because the weather has changed. And they run anyway, despite getting torrential rain. Is there something I am doing wrong?

ETA: I dug a little deeper into the weather station I was using and I noticed that their log shows no precipitation at all. Could this be the problem? I have switched weather stations to see.

Absolutely. Make sure that the new station is recording precipitation.

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I had a torrential downpour yesterday and my Rachio continued to pour water out of the sprinklers because I had it set to “weather network.” That was a big mistake. I switched the setting to “weather station.”

I think the new software upgrade to the Rachio was not an improvement. Harder to set and figure out the settings.

To know what actually happened rather than guessing you need to study the moisture level charts and tables: What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules).