Rain skip not working as expected

I have my Rachio assigned to my personal PWS KFLCLERM250 which reported 0.89in of rain yesterday. However, my Rachio still ran this morning even though the threshold is set to skip over 0.125. According to the Rachio history, it thinks we only received 0.01 of rain.


I am currently running a flex monthly schedule with all weather intelligence options enabled.



After digging a little deeper into the issue, it appears that Rachio is only observing the rain since midnight, and not accounting for the .89 inches we got yesterday. I was under the impression Rachio looks at a 48 hour window for precipitation but clearly thats not working here. Any thoughts on why?

@freedom561 - Rachio looks 24 hours back and 24 hours forward. My guess is that the weather service that Rachio reads from (it doesn’t directly access your personal weather station) didn’t have the .89" of rain posted from the prior day (it does now). So it could be a GIGO problem.

Hi @DLane,

the 0.89" of rain was recorded at 6:00 PM last night, which is well into the 24-hour window. I understand it doesn’t communicate DIRECTLY to my PWS, but rather through the underground APIs which again were reported at 6:00 PM, giving the controller ample amount of time to check before starting the schedule at 2 AM.

Therefore the question remains, why is the controller not grabbing this data?



Personally, I thought the rain skip was only for the CURRENT day, but I could be wrong. Regardless, you could have 10" of rain the day before, and it won’t skip the next day, because it doesn’t accumulate rain amounts and use logic to determine when to water. To do that, you need to use the Flex Daily schedule instead.

I’ve had much the same problems as @freedom561 but with freeze skip added in - and all my zones are on Flex Daily. I’ve seen many instances this winter of watering just hours before predicted rain began and freeze skips applied when my personal weather station (KCAPASOR299) shows an air temp over 32° or no freeze skip when the temp was 30°.
I cannot figure out where the forecasts come from as they do not match the Weather Underground or NWS forecasts.
It’s just not consistent