Rain Skip Help

I have a watering schedule set up and had rain skip enabled. I have decided to not have it on cause lately my weather station states it will rain then i doesnt. I try to turn it off then go back to check on it, and its back on. It will not turn off. I have tried logging back out then log in again and its back on. I turn it off, hit the x on the right its back on when i check, i turn it off, hit the back arrow at the top again i go back and its on. Please tell me how to disable this feature.

Hi @amairmech-

Are you encountering this on the web app? I am experiencing some consistency issues on web as well when trying to edit the rain skip. I will report this to the team, but for now, would you be able to make the change on your mobile app? If not, I can do it for you. Just let me know!

PS- If you would like, I can also help you try and find a more accurate weather station so you don’t have to disable any Weather Intelligence…

McKynzee :rachio:

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I had not tried it on the mobile app and after trying it, it does work on that. But not on the web app. I just changed to another weather station to see in the future, i was on a PWS before, that might have been the issue.

Thank you

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