Rain skip gone

During some iffy weather I turned rain skip off on one of my schedules. Now I can’t find it on the schedule to turn it back on. Its just…gone. My other schedule has rain skip offered and working just fine.

I only have Flex Daily schedules set up on my Rachio units, so I don’t have the option for rain skip, but you should be able to see it under the schedules tab under Weather Intelligence.

thanks for the response but the option isn’t there

Are you by chance running Flex Daily Schedules?

I don’t think so. As my query says I did have rain skip operating, turned it off for a time, but then can’t find how to turn it back on. The schedule doesn’t offer it as an option, just wind and ice.

@eldercop - At the bottom of the controller screen, right hand side look for “More” beneath the three lines (hamburger) - click that, then on the next page select Controller Settings, then on the next page Weather Thresholds, then select Rain skip threshold.