Rain Skip But No Recorded Rain

My drip line was skipped this morning because my weather station “observed 0.32 in and predicted 0.17 in precipitation compared to schedules’s (sic) threshold of 0.25 in.” Only problem is that I haven’t had any rain recorded in more than a week. WUnderground predicts 0.29 in (not 0.17) for me today so, OK, that would justify the skip, but where is the observed precip number coming from? The weather station I use is my PWS located in my back yard; it was offline for a few days last month but has been connected ever since.

Also over the last several weeks my Irrigation display in the (Android) app has been incorrect (though as of now it’s OK). This morning (8/15) it would show the last run as 8/10 and the next run as 8/13 (two days ago). History shows that the zone did run on 8/13. So far it doesn’t appear that I’ve missed any watering cycles, but it’s strange that this isn’t displaying correctly.

Any thoughts on what’s causing these issues?

Are you 100% sure you are still pointing to your weather station? You say it was offline a while ago for a few days, Rachio will move to a new station after some period of time. I have no idea how long before it moves, but I believe you also get a notification or email of the change when it does it…

Yes, the message in History lists my station ID (KCOLONGM258).

I tried to lookup that station and it shows offline since July 2.


Thanks Ryan. Well this is interesting. July 2 is when my wireless router died and had to be replaced. I got my station back on-line and working with the Ambient Weather app a couple days later but obviously through a different router link. After getting your message I tried logging into my WUnderground account and my login info isn’t valid. Maybe after I was offline for 30 days my account was closed? Don’t know what’s going on but I think it may take me a while to sort out. But thanks for checking and passing this along.

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A short term fix is to change to another close weather station. Good luck getting yours back on the network. Wish I could be more help in that departments, but maybe our resident weather station @Gene might be able to help?

I ended up having to create a new account with Weather Underground. My new station ID is KCOFREDE46. It’s not showing up in the Rachio app yet though, maybe it just needs some time to refresh the list.

BTW the Irrigation display seems to be working as it’s supposed to again. Go figure…

Gene has said that it can take a few days for WU to process new stations.

That’s what I thought. Rachio defaulted to another PWS about a quarter mile away so I’m good for now.

Thanks to all for chiming in with the help.

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