Rain Skip and Flexible Daily Schedule

I have my stations set on a flexible daily schedule. Does the rain skip feature work with a flexible schedule? It seems weather intelligence and the ability to adjust rain thresholds is only an option in a fixed schedule. Does that mean weather intelligence does not work with my flexible schedule and watering won’t be skipped if there is rain in the forecast?

With a flexible daily schedule, it’s always looking at the future for the day – but the rain skip is not used because it’s looking at moisture levels – how much water is in the soil, how much is going to get used, and how much is predicted for that day. So if the amount of rain predicted for the day is more precipitation that you are going to need for the day, it won’t water. But if the amount of rain is less than you need, it will water.

I’d love some flexibility (pun unintended) in how that logic works. I’d rather it not water if rain was predicted for the day, then check afterwards how much it rained in the event that it ends up raining more than the forecast amount and do a little catch-up watering if necessary. I also don’t want to be that guy in the neighborhood who’s lawn is being watered in the rain. :smiley:


I agree with you Scorp, I’ve got mushrooms growing. It watered this morning and it rained all day yesterday.

So a flexible daily schedule won’t automatically add a rain delay? This seems very foolish. We had nearly an inch of rain yesterday and the sprinklers came on this morning.

This is a well worded explanation of something that’s not so obvious at first.

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