Rain skip and flex daily processing issue this morning

Our development team noticed that our system that monitors rain skips and flex daily schedules was unable to process some schedules this morning.

The incident occurred between 1:00AM MDT - 6:00AM MDT the morning of July 16th.

The team deeply apologizes for this and will be building enhanced monitoring over the weekend to ensure this does not occur again.

Everything is working correctly now. Flex daily schedules that were normally supposed to run today will run tomorrow. If they are needed to run today you can create a manual schedule to run as a one time usage or just use the remote on the controller.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to add new features and better system monitoring.


Thanks for the update. I thought most of my zones were supposed to run this morning.


Once again I deeply apologize. Our mission is to save water (i.e. rain skips) and water efficiently (i.e. flex scheduling). It hurts my inner core to know we missed a few rain skips this morning and put a burden on users that rely on flex.

We are building better monitoring that will track our weather intelligence features to identify any issues immediately.

Thanks for your patience and have a great day.


I did a manual water and catch cup test on a zone which is under watered. Range of cup amounts was tremendous and selected custom nozzle for now is about 1/2 the default. I think I know what I need to do to fix this though.

On the other hand, this amplifies my concern about having automation rely on outside services. That’s part of why I’m using homeassistant for my other automation.

I noticed this at 8AM this morning. I wanted to start the missed flex schedule manually. I found it doesn’t have “Run Schedule” button at the top.
Please add it in next release. I can manually start “Flex Monthly” schedules regardless of whether they are enabled or not. That was good thinking. Please add same flexibility to Flex daily schedules.
Now I will have to create an adhoc “Flex Monthly” schedule in disabled state to cover this scenario.

My 2cents.

I agree, we did have it at one point and then I had the team remove it, was trying to be too pure. I’ve also wanted that a few times now when just wanted to kickstart the schedule.

I’ll work with the product team on incorporating this into our backlog.

Have a great day.


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Thanx for providing the transparency in the public forum Instead of emailing the effective users directly.

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Did you send out an e-mail to users of Flex Daily etc to let them know that this occurred? If not, I think it is definitely something you guys should look at in the future.

Probably something that should have been reported here: http://status.rach.io/pages/5449820496cc7fe454001693 and allow people to sign up for updates regarding status changes during their initial account creation?

I work at a company that is super proactive about informing their customers when there are system issues. Just thought it might be something good to do going forward to help build even more trust between the company and the customers.


My system should not have watered this morning. Wasted 700 gallons.

My system is still rain skipping zones. To complicate matters, I did change weather stations a few days ago because I was suspicious the one I had chosen had bad data. This might have been due to the server issue? I am now on a NWS station , but no weather station in our area has had a drop of rain in over 6 weeks, the temps are 100º with 10 mph wind. This is not a time to be skipping water schedules. Is there something I can reset to get back to normal?