Rain sensor working?

Is there any way to find out what/if a rain sensor detected any rain? We got some significant rain on Saturday here but no schedules were altered from the rain. Even though the PWS near me didn’t detect any rain, I was hoping my rain sensor would’ve kicked in?

To check and see if it is actually working… if it is wired, press the nipple down and release it and see if it registers with the Iro.

You should get an alert.

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I filled mine with water.

Of course I can do that but what on the Rachio app website or within the tablet/phone app indicates that the rain sensor is doing anything? How will I know? I’m shocked that the rain we received over the weekend wasn’t enough to have any affect on my schedules.

The rain sensor works like an on/off switch. When it activates, it will show up in “Device Updates”. While its activated, the system will not water. Once it deactivates, it will again post in Device Updates, and the system will go back to figuring out which zones/when to water based on how you’ve set it up.

Double check to make sure you have it turned on to the Rachio. I just set my daughters Rachio system up, and I had a little trouble with getting the rain sensor turned on. I used the web app to Device settings to turn it on, thought it looked like I turned it on, but it really didn’t. Finally went to the phone app and was able to turn it on there.

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You should get a push notification, unless it was removed with 2.5