Rain sensor triggering frequently

I get frequent messages that schedule will be skipped due to rain and then schedule will be resumed messages. I am assuming the rain sensor is broken is triggering these messages. BTW there is no rain. I am planning to debug it by disconnecting the rain sensor and see what happens. If it remains stable, then I will replace the rain sensor. Any other suggestions? This is wired Orbit 57069 sensor.


Has it worked prior, or is this a new install? If it was working as expected, I’d say there is a bug somewhere, probably a short in the wire, or inside the sensor unit itself.

If this is a new installation, probably need to make sure everything was hooked up correctly.

@mafcon - make sure the rain sensor it connected to 24 VAC - and S1 along with that sensor being set to a rain sensor in the app. I think I’ve seen this behavior from others in the forum where the rain sensor was connected to Common in the Gen 3 model instead of 24 VAC - (but I could be mis-remembering it).

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Yes; It was working before.

Then I would venture to say that the sensor has/is failed, or the wiring from the sensor is damaged and shorting out.

Hi there,

As @tmcgahey pointed out it is possible that the rain sensor is broken or the wiring is damaged. Sometimes, though, rain sensors just need to be cleaned. Here is a video on how to clean a Rain Bird sensor. I’m having trouble locating one on the Orbit model that you have.