Rain Sensor Status on App

Hey guys, just wondering if someone can help me with an issue I’ve been having since a couple of weeks.

I have a Rachio 3 controller 8 zones and Hunter Wireless Rain/Freeze Clik. They work great together and never had any issues in the past. Whenever I the sensor gets activated I get a notification in my iPhone and whenever the sensor dries out I get a similar notification letting me know its deactivated.

In the past if I opened the app while the sensor was active I’ll get a “ribbon” on the top letting me know that the sensor is activated, hence no scheduled watering will happen until it dries out. The ribbon on top is the best way to see the status if the rain sensor since you don’t have to go to the “more” tab and then history to see if it actually ever deactivated after it activated…

Anyways, a couple of weeks (probably days) ago I had an update on my Appstore for the Rachio app and since then the ribbon on the top once I open the app is no more… regardless if the sensor is activated I don’t see that status there anymore, I do get a notification when it actives and when it deactivates, I can see it in the history events and I do have the ribbon on the web app but no more on the iOS app.

Anyone else having this issue?


You are right!!! By chance, my rain sensor is activated right now. Shows on the web app in the banner, but it’s no longer on my iPhone or my iPad. Both are running the most recent app releases.

@laura.bauman - could you send this along to your technical guys? Something must have gotten dropped in some code somewhere. (If it helps them, I checked my iPad app, no ribbon, checked to see if I’d updated to the latest (nope, one back), updated app, and no ribbon. So it might not be just the most recent update.)Thanks!

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Hey guys, seems like a state bug when first opening the controller. I found and fixed the issue. Will try and get it into the next release. Currently, if you go back to your device list and then back in to your controller, the state will show properly. This is just a display issue in app, your rain sensor is still working and preventing watering as expected.


Thanks for the confirmation, and hopefully the fix will be on the next release. I have to say: Awesome support !!!


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@zachio, thanks for such a quick response!!!

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Happy to help! Sorry this regression popped up as a result of loading into the app quicker. Just wanted to post an update that with the App Store shutdown happening from 23-27 I don’t think we’ll be able to get the next release out until early in the new year.