Rain sensor setup- shared access

I have a few clients that have shared access with us and one of them, a new install, shows no rain sensor. There is a Hunter Rain-Clik there. When I try to configure it from my office, the correct screen pops up for less than .5 second, and goes away, so I cannot configure it. Any idea why?

When I hooked up my rain sensor I was told it can only be activated per the app.
Here’s what I was told;
"Remember the rain sensor must be enabled within the Rachio App. To activate, simply log into the Rachio app (mobile only) and complete the following steps:

Device Settings > Advanced > Enable Rain Sensor Toggle".

This was per Rachio support when I asked about hooking up my Irritrol wireless rain sensor.

Hope this helps…

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Perfect! All fixed now. Thanks so much. Frank

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