Rain sensor recommendation

Just ordered a Rachio 2 to replace my Hunter Pro-C. The Hunter has a wireless rain sensor. I’ve been told it won’t work with my Rachio. So, any suggestions on a decent rain sensor? I had a Rachio 2 and Rain Bird sensor in my old house. I miss my Rachio. Can’t wait to get the new one in a few days!

You can use the Hunter wired mini click with the rachio. It wires in with just 2 wires and only interrupts the common wire to prevent operation of all valves.

The wireless version requires an extra 24 volt constant output which Rachiio currently does not support.

Thanks for the suggestion. But since I’m no longer tied to Hunter, why not just get the Rain Bird CPRSDBEX, which is a little cheaper? Is the Hunter better? Like I mentioned, I had a Rain Bird sensor in the past and it worked well. I’m happy to pay the extra $5 more to get a better sensor.


@alfredoj - which Hunter wireless rain sensor? Rachio supports this one:

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@alfredoj I am a bigger fan of Hunter over the Rainbird. Rainbird tends to have some high end items on the commercial side of their business where they do cut some corners on the residential side.

@DLane I do stand corrected on the wireless sensor. Thank you for your added input. :slight_smile:

The extra confusion is eliminated on the Gen 3 since they have the auxilary 24 volt terminals on the far right of the terminal board.


Thanks for the info and suggestions. I may start without a sensor and see how that goes.

@alfredoj I’d always recommend an on site rain/freeze sensor. I prefer wired as long as the placement is in full sun. If you have to go wireless to get it in full sun, I like Irritrol’s wireless rain/freeze sensor.