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@Linn Is correct regarding …

The physical rain sensor is just a dumb enabled/disabled switch. We can’t currently capture any more data than has it been triggered or not. This won’t help any future schedules.

Now if you have weather intelligence enabled on the schedule for rain skip we look back one today and to the current day (observation and forecast) . In your case if it happened too far in the past we might miss it.

Climate skip does even more in that it looks to the last time you watered, forward to the next time you will water (not including today) and does look at any precipitation events that have happened since your last watering. If they are significant enough to offset any evapotranspiration (ET) depletion that has happened since the last watering and next watering, we will skip the schedule.

Hope this helps.

Where do you find the weather intelligence menu/options in the app?


This article explains schedule edits.


Franz, IMO…with that data of it being triggered, it should assist with determining a future schedule.

Once again, this is a good example of adding a user implemented time delay-off for the rain sensor. Meaning I would be able to add 1-12 hours of ‘forced’ rain sensor activation (time delay) after the rain sensor deactivates on its own.


Definitely a useful feature, like a dry out feature, I’ll make sure the product team receives this information.