Rain sensor primary

So I have my Hunter Rain Sensor up and running.

I am assuming that if the local weather station gets rain and it doesn’t rain at my location my sprinklers will not run.

Is there a way to change it so my rain sensor is the one to use? Support mentioned changing the settings for the local weather station to send a do not water signal unless the amount of rain at the weather station is say .75in rain? That way it would definitely be raining at my house and my rain sensor which I believe defaults to .25 in as the cutoff signal?

Thank you

If your physical rain sensor is activated it will not allow any scheduled schedules to run.

Is that the crux of your question? Just making sure I understand the question.



What I want to know is if it rains at the local weather station in my area and it isn’t raining at my house will my sprinklers still run?

Ah got it. Each schedule has a weather intelligence setting that you can set the rain threshold.

If we meet that threshold (due to observed/forecasted) precipitation the schedule will be skipped.

Hope that helps.



Let me ask my question another way:

How can I get my Rachio2 to ignore the local weather station for rain and only use my rain sensor?

Ah perfect. Just go into your schedule and disable Weather Intelligence.


Thank you.

That was perfect.

So how to I modify how much rain my sensor detects before canceling my sprinklers?

I believe physical rain sensors have some sort of dial that allows you to choose the sensitivity.


The Hunter Rain-Clik has a dial, but I believe that is used to determine the evaporation rate/time for the device to reset to ‘dry conditions’. It opens/closes vents on the sides of the device. From what I’ve read, the Hunter Rain-Clik sends a rain signal to the controller as soon as it detects rain/moisture – no threshold to control.

If my Rachio Generation 2 is watering, and it starts to rain, will it stop watering when the rain sensor is triggered?

Yes, if the sensor is triggered it will stop any current watering.


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Great! Thanks Franz. :smile_cat:

I see that if I use Intelligent watering your system anticipates rain before or after my scheduled watering times. So if I have a Rain sensor and it rains 5 hours after I water my yard I would be better off just not using a rain sensor and use Intelligent watering right? i.e. no need for a sensor.


Yes, that is one of the great things is we use observed and forecasted data, which a physical rain sensor can’t do :wink:

We are starting to work on getting even better and more localized weather data, so our weather data will get even better over time.


OK so my excitement to buy another gadget is working against me in this instance right? I am better off disabling the sensor or leaving smart intelligence on and the sensor on also?

I tell people if they already have a physical sensor it won’t hurt anything to have it enabled as well as our forecasting. It just helps in augmenting the data we already have. Also, if it did start raining during the schedule (forecast was wrong?) it will stop any running schedules.