Rain Sensor On Cycles (on & off)

I have a two wire rain sensor (brand new). On my old system (Hydrawise) the two wire sensor went into the common terminal and the other wire into the Sensor terminal. I assumed it would be the same thing with this new sensor and the Rachio 3.

The problem is I get “Rain Sensor On” showing in app for a minute or so then off. It cycles like this continuously. Thus pushing out my next water cycle 3-4 days.

How should I wire this two wire rain sensor to the Rachio 3?

What brand and model of rain sensor is it?

@mtnbiker63 - Sensor 1 and 24 VAC - (which is not Common), doesn’t matter which wire goes where.

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Orbit. I just figured it out. S2 and -24 Vac. Seems to be working right now.

I just figured that out. Hooked up to S2 and -24 Vac. Seems to be working now. Not popping up then off again.

Looks right and great