Rain Sensor Notifications in Standby Mode


I think it would make sense to disable rain sensor notifications when the device is in standby mode. I have a rain/freeze sensor and I got rain sensor activated/deactivated messages all night when the temp dropped. I plan on going in and disabling the rain sensor, but it seems it would be easier to just have these notifications stop when the device is in standby.


I agree 100%. IMHO, when you are in standby mode you shouldn’t get any alerts for anything.


Yes, this makes sense, and very easy to implement. Will have this code out in a few days :wink:



But at least it tells you that your stuff is still working and that rachio is still in business with their intergalactic cloud condensing data into moisture droplets and raining the information on your phone.

Ooooooohhhhhhh mic drop, I’m out, and don’t forget to tip your wait staff.


I keep pitching a Rachio Blimp for on-demand rainfall (like an Uber for rain), but the finance team hasn’t found a way to make it profitable yet… :neutral_face:


This code went out today, should not see any more notifications for rain sensor if in standby mode. :wink:



I’m still getting them as of today…do I need to cycle power or standby mode?


@Brg468, thanks for the note. I was able to recreate what you’re experiencing. We’ll looking into this and correct.


Ah, I found it. Will get these corrections out today.



Working now. Thanks guys!


Third times a charm.

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