Rain Sensor Notifications for Multiple Systems

I have two Rachio systems in different cities. Both have attached rain sensors. When it rains, I receive a text alert that a sensor has been activated, but there’s no way to tell which system generated the alert. I would like to see that information in the text alert.

Also, I would like to see state of the rain sensor displayed in the app and web page.


Hey @Lonestar10-

Thank you for the feedback. I definitely understand how confusing it would be to not know which rain sensor was activated, and it doesn’t help that this is not easily discovered in the app. I will make sure to get this to the team!

McKynzee :rachio:

@Lonestar10 In the meantime I think the best method for finding out the device in question had the sensor activated would be to just login to your app and check the device updates pane on each device to see with one provided the notification. Shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.