Rain Sensor Notification

After an initial rain sensor activation the following day and the rain sensor deactivates I will receive 3 notifications, as per the following last notification entry;

Yesterday at 4:30pm, Rain sensor activated
Today at 8:52am, Rain sensor deactivated
Today at 8:52am, Rain sensor activated
Today at 8:52am, Rain sensor deactivated

Is this the norm? I have seen this entry for last couple times the rain sensor (Irritrol Wireless RS 1000) was activated followed by 3 notifications from the Rachio 2 Gen Controller.


I too run Gen 2, have same rain sensor and had same issue on Saturday, July 16. Between 5:08pm EDT and 6:18pm I received 13 notifications for on and off. I thought my Irritrol RS1000 was causing it and ordered a new RSCAP, but now it might be a more general problem?

Here is a snapshot of the log from today.

As you can see from today’s log from Device Updates the entries on the app. Also on Thursday July 14th the Rain sensor was tripped from rain. It happened then as well with the 3 entries. I don’t know why this happens as far as from when the first entry when the rain sensor trips the activation, to when it clears (deactivates), to activate again when it isn’t raining, and then deactivates again within a couple minutes between each entry.

My pedestrian rationale was that my sensor spindle is at the tipping point, where it is no longer clearly on or off, but switches intermittently with maybe slight moisture variations in absence of any rain when drying out. That’s why I plan to replace the spindle.

Does anyone know what a reasonable lifetime expectation is for these RSCAPs? Mine is only about 3 years old.

I’ve had it for maybe about the same amount of time as you have had yours. I have never noticed this type of reaction on my old Rainbird ems controller while my irritrol rain sensor was hooked up to it. And beings we seem to have similar issues with regards to the entries of the Rachio controller would leave me to believe something else is causing this issue to be going on.

Dude my buddy had an irritol and they flutter once they get some age on the . Same with the hunters after 4 years. I’m on a wr2 as I can get build kits for them. It is not the answer you were looking for

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Thanks for the info I’ll keep it in mind (Dude). Was more so thinking this was an app issue (wasn’t confirmed @franz), but I guess the Rachio controller is only reading what the irritrol rain sensor is sending to it. Thanks again for your experience on this problem.

I’m almost positive it is not a software issue. My hunter did this, then I replaced it with a wr2 and the problem went away.

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My new RSCAPs (about $14 for 2 including shipping, device about $4) should arrive shortly - concurring with plainsane, I expect the issue to go away, and will keep you posted if it does not.

The rain sensor toggles AC power on an input.
Rachio sends a notification when the input state changes.

I think these extra notifications expected behavior for a sensor that relies on disks swelling/drying to trigger a pressure sensor. I see similar behavior (from rainbird WR2) when I get a borderline amount of rain. Rachio indicates that the sensor is active but only for a few minutes.

It is not a functional issue but Rachio could reduce the number of notifications but adding hysteresis. (i.e. rain sensor changes state to active/deactive for 5 min before sending the notification).

You can also disable the rain sensor notifications with the app.

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I replaced both batteries and cleaned the RSCAP out from dirt. After pulling the batteries, the receiver had to relearn a new code to communicate. It was relatively easy to do following the RS1000 directions on how to do so.
Yesterday 7/23 we had a rain/storm which activated the rain sensor, today 7/24 at 11:55am Rachio reported the rain sensor deactivated. Only 1 time this was reported. Rachio did not report numerous activations and deactivates with the RS1000 as in the past postings from the Rachio controller.
Maybe I fixed the problem by replacing batteries and cleaning the RSCAP. I guess time will tell.


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