Rain sensor notification nuisance

Just installed a new system and really like the features so far, except the rain sensor bouncing notifications when the sensor is drying and in between being dry and still a little moisture. I would think that the the system would trap on the initial notification of dry and wait a period of time, maybe 5 minutes before listening to it again. I have over 100 events in my history and the notification had to be turned off because it was going non stop for about 20 minutes. I have a rainbird WR2 sensor that is only a year old. It works, but may bounce a bit, but didn’t have this problem with my old controller. Just installed yesterday.

Any suggestions?

@disco - to which terminals is the rain sensor hooked up?

This situation can occur if the Rachio C terminal is used instead of the 24 VAC - terminal.

Here are the directions for the WR2 sensor →

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Ahh I have the white to common vs to 24 vac- Thanks

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